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Some wedding stuff – vol. 2

October 15, 2012



A few more things from the wedding. Hopefully this will be the last wedding post here. My hair pin: I turned into a bridezilla, apparently, so I had to make it myself. The jewellery designer I went to see would have turned my delicate lace into some huge broach-like awfulness. But I had something like […]

Harbinger-of-spring cardigan

October 15, 2012



Finished a while ago. You know the feeling after a long winter where you just want to make something a bit lighter (both in color and weight)? That’s what it reminds me of and thus the name. Some additional info: kassitapukiri (bindweed pattern). Bottom-up, sleeves sewn on, edging knit on. Edging is also some Haapsalu […]

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Fisherman’s socks – another, altered pair

October 14, 2012



My dear husband wanted a pair of fisherman’s socks, too. So, after a few alterations in the pattern, here’s the new(-ish) pair. The pattern in .pdf can be found here.