Long time no post…

Posted on July 1, 2013


I’ve been busy, obviously. No other explanation. Too busy to blog but not too busy to knit and sew. At some point I will show stuff I’ve made in the meanwhile, including a shawl that measures over two meters both ways…

My family is on a vacation and since I work from home there’s no reason for me not to be here with them in the middle of nowhere. I took a knitting project with me but since I ran out of grey yarn and then of purple (which I have loads of at home), I haven’t been able to finish these gloves.


I also took a bagful of baby yarn (obvious hint!) with me to work on smaller stuff. Again, not much to show. But I might be able to show a cardigan tomorrow.

I have to say I’m curious how these pants will turn out, though, because they seem to shape perfectly… Need another skein of yarn, though, which won’t happen for another 4 weeks or so.